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Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

Are you looking for a system that can handle your customers' records, allow you to analyse information about their purchasing habits and will help you to organise & implement your marketing strategy?

Then look no further than Microsoft Outlook. Using the combined power of Contacts, Calendar and Mail, the small business has the tools available to track, organise and manage their suppliers, customers & contacts all in one place.

Using Microsoft Outlook & Business Contact Manager 2008, it is easy to manage customer information, launch professional marketing campaigns, keep track of your best sales opportunities and better respond to your customers needs.

As the business grows, many move to ACT! from Sage as it integrates with the Sage Accounting software for ease of tracking customer activity.

For larger businesses, there are a number of alternatives such as Goldmine, Sage CRM and Microsoft CRM, all of which offer more comprehensive customer management and a wider offer of additional functionality and automated work flow.

For more information and a free demonstration to examine your options, please don't hesitate to contact us.